Laser Hair Removal Promotion

The MedioStar Next   , which is a diode laser, is considered “the gold standard” by many practitioners, and has excellent results with many different skin types. This top-of-the-line laser hair removal machine is CE,FDA-approved and its improved technology requires fewer procedures, and gives some of the best results that are possible today.
The MedioStar Next Diode Laser System offers powerful technology as well as both short and long pulses to safely and effectively treat all skin types, including tanned skin. The MedioStar Next laser is an updated version of the regular Mixt Diode laser. The MedioStar Next is a huge progression for laser hair removal: it is much faster and the comfort level is significantly better, The MedioStar Next can treat backs and legs comfortably in only 15 minutes, without anesthetics . The treatment time is reduced by up to 75%. The MedioStar family of diode laser systems represents some of the best lasers that are available today.

Laser Hair removal Promotion

* Underarms / Mustache Area         for only 6,000 baht for 5 sessions

* Cheeks / Beard Area                   for only 12,000 baht for 5 sessions

* Arms                                            for only 16,000 baht for 5 sessions

* Legs                                             for only 20,000 baht for 5 sessions

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