Double Chin fat reduction review at proderma clinics

I had an amazing experience with CoolSculping treatment in ProDerma Clinic. The clinic is very accessible and easy to locate. It is located below the platform of Sanampao Skytrain Station.

Frontview of ProDerma Clinic

At first, as I entered in the Clinic, staffs are very welcoming, nice and cute. The place is clean and well organized.

They have asked me about my concern and I told them that it is about my double chin.

My double chin is very difficult to get rid even with exercise and weight loss through diet. For sure it must be a stubborn fat. When I took some selfie or someone had taken a picture of me my double chin is very noticeable. I had a feeling of having a low self-esteem while looking at my pictures. So I have decided to do something.

I have talked with the doctor, she recommended me about Coolsculpting and she explained everything to me and I felt at glad to know that I am a very good candidate for the treatment. In addition to that, the doctor can converse English language very well.

 CoolSculpting is an FDA approved both in USA and Thailand to non-invasively freeze and remove fats around 20 to 30 % without surgery or downtime. After the fats have been frozen, they eventually die and naturally flushed out from the body system through urine, sweat and feces.  It needs some time to see the dramatic result starting from 3 weeks to 3 months that is why there has less chance of getting a saggy skin after all as the cells have enough time to rearrange itself.

coolsculpting mechanism

I understood everything and decided to go on with the treatment. During the assessment, one of the staffs pinched the fats of my submental area and marked a border to know the exact placement of the applicator. 


In the treatment room, trained staff asked me to have my picture taken of my concerned area which is my chin just for a record. It was fine with me so that I can have a basis for the improvement of the treatment.


They said, it needs to be the smallest applicator which is Coolmini applicator for 2 cycles both left and right chin with the price of 40,000 baht. I asked for discount, so they have given me a special price for 35,000 baht in which I was happy for the discounted price. Each cycle will take 45 minutes. I really appreciate them for being so professional. They have made me sure that I am in comfortable position.  During the treatment, I feel some gentle suctioning when the applicator has placed on. When they have released the cooling effect, for the fist 10 minutes I felt some cooling sensation and later it started to get numb.

I can still use my phone during the treatment while waiting for the each of the cycle to end.

After in each cycle, the area was massaged which is the most important step and it is kind of uncomfortable yet very tolerable.Marked slight redness after the treatment and it slowly subsides after few hours.

The doctor prescribed me a pain reliever in case I may feel some discomforts or pain few days following the treatment. I was told to wait for the peak result within 2 to 3 months.

No bruising, no pain and some numbness that takes about 1 week but it didn’t bothers me at all.

I am excited to give you an update and will upload my photos after 3 months for the dramatic result.

For those who are interested and further inquiries please feel free to contact Proderma on facebook Email: Tel:088-04108888, 02-2796587 or 086-5684144(line). Office hours from 11:00-20;00.