5 Measures in managing the outbreak of Covid-19 in ProDerma Clinic.

1. SCREENING- For the client and service provider.

*The service provider will provide an external screening by taking the temperature before entering the clinic at the isolate area.

*If the client has a temperature exceeding 37.3 degree Celsius, the clinic requests permission to postpone the appointment and coordinate with the Disease Control Division for re-examination.

*The client would be ask about possible risk history 14 days before visiting a doctor, such as history of traveling abroad or high risk area.

*Illness like sneezing and coughing will not receive service from the clinic.

*The client will be ask for name, address, phone number and ID card in order to be monitored.

*Prohibit the staffs from travelling abroad and if there is a need to travel, the person must need to contain at least 14 days.

*The staffs are being checked of their temperature 2 times a day and if having colds or fever, they need to stop work immediately.


*Client must make an appointment first before receiving services from the clinic. (Clinic will accept patient by appointment only).

*Clinic will limit and reduce the number of staff to 1 person in terms of rendering services to the client.

*Chairs are placed between 1.5 meter to 2 meters apart while waiting and also keeping distance between the client and the staff.

*The service room is exclusively intended with only 1 patient per room.

*At the counter area, a transparent plastic shield is placed to separate between the patient and the staff as to keep the social distancing always.

3. PREVENTION- Prevent the spread of Covid-19.

*All service provider wears personal protective equipment while working. They are careful as they get in close contact with the clients by wearing face shield, medical mask and gloves in every time the procedure is performed.

* Staff wears medical cap to keep the hairs preventing it to be unkempt. Jewelries like rings, bracelets, watch are not allowed to use and nails should be cut short and clean.

*Wash hands frequently before and after the service.

*Clients should also wear medical mask throughout the treatment service.

*Face mask and Alcohol hand sanitizing gel are provided at various areas in the clinic. Provides information regarding knowledge, suggestions and recommendation by public relations media to prevent the spread of germs.

* Staffs have been educated and undergone training pertaining to Covid-19 on how to prevent the spread of virus.

4. CLEANING- Maintaining the cleanliness of clinic through standard safety measure as permitted.

*General Cleaning before opening and closing the clinic with disinfectant.

*Clean the area with alcohol spray every 2 hours.

*Doorways and common contact areas are regularly clean using the standard reagent.

*Making sure that treatment room are being cleaned in every after service rendered. Laser machines are also cleaned with disinfectant.

* For all types of laser that produces smoke such as CO2 or QS (scab) is done in a standard exclusive room and using a vacuum air machine to immediately suction the smoke.

*Available disposable water glass, bottled water, boxed fruit juice are provided in a self-service method.

*There are air filter machines hepa that can be able to filter virus.

*Correct segregation of infectious waste material.

5. Touchless- Minimize the risk by touch.

*Provides online payment of transfer of money instead of using case or credit card.

* Fill out information through electronic.

* Alcohol and liquid soap is an automatic system.