EnerJet uses Jet Volumetric Remodeling (JVR) technology – a high-pressure jet technology to laterally introduce healing agents deep into the dermal layer of the skin for a wide range of aesthetic indications. This single, innovative, non-thermal and non-surgical solution is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body. EnerJet is ideal for kinetic facelifts, scar repair and dermal thickening. EnerJet solutions are proven to deliver superior, immediate and long-lasting clinical results.

Safe, effective and simple

No needles

No thermal heating

Non-surgical, immediate results

Minimal downtime

How does EnerJet work?
A healing compound is administered deeply into the dermis using powerful jet technology. The healing compound, combined with kinetic energy, creates a controlled micro trauma, stimulating the body’s natural healing response. The jet disperses into the target zone to cover 100 times the area of a single 32G needle entry point, leaving virtually no signs on the skins outer layer (only 200 microns).

EnerJet is designed to be suitable for even the most delicate areas of the skin, such as décolleté, neck, cheeks, around the eyes, lips, forehead and chin.

A powerful jet blasts compounds into the deeper layers of the skin, inducing a deep volumetric micro-trauma with an optimal spread of the material.

The jet stream disperses the skin enhancing agent spherically, covering 1000 times the area of one 32G needle’s entry point.

The active compound enhances the skin hydration and initiates the creation of a new collagen and elastin in the dermis.

The synergy between two effects sets in motion a cascade of healing processes, resulting in a natural healing and hydrating that generates the production of new collagen and elastin, ultimately promoting a smoother, well hydrated and younger look with long term structural benefits.

Immediate visible results
As with all modalities, long term skin renewal may require several treatments. To compensate for this, JVR technology enables EnerJet treatments to deliver an immediate and visible effect until the long-term skin remodeling healing natural effect becomes visible.

Safety is one of the leading advantages of JVR technology. Because it is active in the dermis, damage to the epidermis is avoided. The tiny entry points are up to only 200 microns. No needles are required. Only the target skin layer is treated. JVR technology also enables treating all skin types, all year round, without any risk of burns.

Here Are A Few of JVR Technology Un-Matched Results:

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