Proderma Exclusive Membership

Because each type of laser treatment focused on different problems,  at Proderma Aesthetic Clinics we provide special membership promotion ( Proderma exclusive member )  for you to answer every skin problems. With Proderma exclusive membership , you can combine more than 20 kinds of the best lasers and treatments, such as laser for lifting,  discoloration, and acne scar .  All the best machine from all over the world to perfectly match your needs. This promotion includes Botox , Filler injection & medications to reduce wrinkles and/or reshape face.
Start from 20,000 Baht. You can select what you want !!!

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Intensive Laser Care

  • ST refirm : Deep skin tightening
  • Matrix IR:  Improve skin texture and wrinkle reduction
  • SR elos:  IPL plus RF
  • IPL: Intense Pulse Light
  • AC:  Acne blue light
  • Mesobrightening:  vitamin injection
  • Regen tripolar RF:  radiofrequency for facial and body contour
  • CO2 Laser:  Remove mole ,skin tag , wart
  • Dual Yellow Laser:  Total skin rejuvenation
  • Anti-Red Laser
  • Vascular Laser:  for broken capillary
  • Collagen Laser:  Increase skin collagen and firming
  • Mediostar Next:  Diode Laser for permanent hair removal
  • Acne Beam Laser: Reduce inflammatory acne
  • Eyeclear Laser:  Radiofrequency for remove wrinkle under eye
  • QS toning& fractional : For brightening and spot removal
  • Carbon Peel :  Skin peeling with laser
  • Med2 Contour:  Dual ultrasound to breakdown fat cells
  • Ematrix:  Sublative fractional RF for acne scar
  • Thermage CPT :  Monopolar RF for tightening


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