Infusion electroporation  

is a unique, virtually painless, needle free aesthetic procedure by which essential vitamins, minerals and complex amino acids are delivered into the skin.



*Benefits of Infusion*

1. Safe and effective

2. immediately visible results

3. painless, needle-free treatment

4. no downtime

5. hygienic and sterile

6. clinically trialed and tested


What does Infusion treat?

Infusion treat a wide range of aesthetic treatments including collagen regeneration, anti- aging treatments, skin rehydration, skin firming, body toning, cellulite and stretch mark reduction.


Is it safe?

Infusion is completely safe, non- invasive needle free treatment for the body and face. During the treatment, you may feel a gentle pulse, similar to a tingling sensation. However, this will not impose any disruptions; you can relax and enjoy being pampered.


How does Infusion work?

Infusion safely and effectively delivers specially formulated ionic solutions into the epidermis without damaging the skin. The infusion of the solutions is performed using a special hand piece that the practitioner passes over the surface of the skin in circular massaging motions. The hand piece emits specially crafted Ionwave pulses that deliver the skin-specific formulas bypassing the stratum corneum, directly into the underlying layers of the skin.


IONWAVE effects:

1. When the ionwave properties come in contact with the cell they begin the structural rearrangement of the lipid bilayer to form micro pores in the cell membrane.

2. As the gatekeepers to the cell, micro channels enable or restrict the passage of natural nutritional compounds and extracts. Micro channels are short-lived and reseal soon after compounds are delivered.


How long does a session last?

Session may last from 5-30 minutes, depending on the treated area and symptoms.

A series of 6-8 treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results.


Are there any side effects?

Infusion has no potential side effects. If you are pregnant or if you have a previous medical history of any kind, you should consult with your practitioner beforehand.


When will I see results?

From the very first treatment, the skin’s surface is instantly brightened and clarity is restored. Your skin will feel supple, refreshed and undeniably radiant, ultimately boosting your confidence and well being.

  Price starts from 1,000 Baht

* Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice.