Med2 Contour 

Med2 contour   is the safest and most effective non-invasive medical system for treatment of localised adiposity and cellulite. Modulable dual low-frequency ultrasound and vacuum technology allow treating only the area affected. The fat cells in the area treated are hit deep down preventing any risks to the underlying tissues.The cavitation effect of ultrasound emission added to the lymphatic drainage massage results in the removal of fat waste and liquids and consequent reduction in fat mass. The tissues relax, collagen is more compactly reformed and the results are measurable and visible: fewer centimetres and a noticeable improvement in skin tone and elasticity. The benefits can be seen after just a few sessions: all the areas treated are visibly reduced in volume following each single treatment and the skin looks smoother and more toned.


How does Med Contour work?

Med2 Contour uses the combined action of two low-frequency ultrasounds and vacuum suction to provide targeted and selective therapy. The ultrasound emissions produce a cavitation effect that breaks down the fat cells, releasing fatty lipids and triglycerides. These are then transported through the lymphatic and vascular system to the liver for metabolisation and subsequent elimination from the body.
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Med2 Contour offers:

• Skin tightening
• Fat reduction
• Cellulite treatment

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Advantages of Med2 Contour treatments:

Non surgical
• No anaesthesia
• No downtime
• Comfortable
• Immediate measurable results
• Improve circulatory and lymphatic systems

What areas of the body can be treated with Med2 Contour?

Any part of the body, except for the face and neck can be treated. One treatment area is no larger than the size of two hand spans.

How many treatments are required and how often?

We offer a complimentary consultation, during which clients are assessed for their suitability for Med Contour. Predictable outcomes and realistic expectations are discussed according to what the client wishes to achieve; and we are then able to indicate how many treatments will be appropriate to achieve the desired results. We recommend a minimum of six treatments for best results, which are performed every seven to ten days. Each treatment takes between 1.5- 2 hours, depending on the area being treated.

Is it safe?

Med2 Contour is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association and has substantial clinical proof to support its safety and success. The treatments are performed by our specially trained therapist. The device operates at the worldwide safest standard of low frequency, as used in physiotherapy. This advanced machine, thanks to its vacuum technology, raises the adipose tissue so that the deep penetrating action of the ultrasound emissions are concentrated onto the selected tissue only, offering a treatment that is both highly effective and entirely safe.

How soon will I see results?

As with every procedure, results differ between each client, due to the many variables to success but most clients can see measurable results from the first session. Due to the increased circulation in the treatment area and subsequent mild swelling, it is expected that clients will experience more circumferential loss (fat reduction) over the following days as the swelling subsides.


Is there any pre or post care?

Pre and post care is very important and should be strictly followed in order to obtain and maintain optimal results. This information will be extensively covered during the complimentary consultation. Remember, there is NO downtime involved so you may resume your normal activities immediately following a treatment.

What does a treatment involve?

At the first and last treatment, photos will be taken for before and after photo purposes. At each treatment, pre and post session measurements will be taken to track progress. Each treatment begins with opening of lymph nodes, then cavitation is performed; the session is then completed by lymphatic drainage massage. It is normal to have redness and some swelling post treatment, as a result of the increased circulation, which usually subsides within one to two days. Clients usually experience a warm, pulling sensation as the hand piece is moved over the skin, some describing it as being like a relaxing hot stone massage!

Before And After

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Price starts from 6,000 Baht per area

Special Promotion

   : 15,000 baht per 5   sessions

  : 25,000  baht per 10 sessions

* Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice.