BBX TABLET  is the proprietary blend of scientifically tested natural ingredients that give these following effects:-

1. natural calming by stress reduction effect:- that are L-tyrosine and L-theanine, by helping the balance of cortisol level in our body.
2. ATP+Qxygen booster:- that ard L-carnitine in Acetyl form (general L-carnitine does not work on brain because it’s unable to pass the Blood Brain Barrier) + Q10 +CLA (help to increase prostaglandin E1 production, result in increase blood flow which mean more oxygen and nutrients to the brain) + Alpha lipoic acid
3.Protect Brain cell from being damaged by free radical :- that are Green tea ext.+Acetyl Lcarnitine +Q10 + CLA + Alpha lipoic acid
4. Keep the balance of ATP level in total body cell:- through the mechanism of insulin and blood sugar level, that are Alpha lipoicacid + Chromium chelate.
The noticeable results of refreshing after taking BBX due to haveing adequate energy, improve creativity + memory + focus, more confident, balance mood, well control hunger ( we feel hungry because the hypothalamus in brain can detect low level of ATP, so if adequate level of ATP, will let us on hungry)
5. Because “BBX” work by increase total body level of ATP:- that is by burning fat into ATP, so result in loss weight (decrease hunger, decrease eating amount + burning fat into energy)
6. Cut off about 50% of calories intake:- cut off the overload calories before in turn into fat deposit, by helping of white kidney bean Ext. which block the starch digestive enzyme +Sea Weed Ext. which block degestive enzymes of sugar and fat+Opuntia Ficust Indica Ext. which is fat-binding substance and excrete it
7. Body firming:- by working of CLA+Creatine, also firming muscle mass, ceault of body shaping.
8. Detoxification:- Wheat Germ Powder help to detoxify our body accumulated toxin

Direction of use:-
Best eddect taking on empty stomach.
Take 1 tablet(1 hours) before lunch and dinner
There are some patients got diarrhea effect due to garcenia but it’s happen for the 1st week
Some patient may experience sleepiness. Also will last for 1-2 weeks only.