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9.9 #10th year anniversary discount on all kinds of lasers # Special price for the month of September, 2021.
‼️ 199,999฿ You can choose from variety of lasers whether:
👉🏻 Ultherapy (skin lifting) 2,400 shots
👉🏻 Thermage FLX (skin tightening) 900 shots * 4 purple tip
👉🏻 Emscuplt or CoolSculpting 28 cycles/times
👉🏻 Platinum member for 2 packages and choose free gifts whether Emsculpt 4 times or Ulthera 600 shots or Thermage FLX 600 shots
🔥🔥Can share with unlimited friends
🔥🔥Can be kept for 2 years

‼️‼️99,999฿ Can choose from many lasers whether;
👉🏻 Platinum member and get free Emscuplt 1 time or choose Ulthera 200 shots or Thermage FLX 300 shots(no need to share)
👉🏻 Thermage FLX 900 shots & Ulthera 500 shots (face and neck)
👉🏻 CoolSculpting or Emscuplt 13 cycles/time with free dual yellow (whole face 1 time)
🔥🔥Can be shared with 2 persons
🔥🔥Can keep for 2 years

‼️‼️29,999฿ You can choose one of the lasers below:
👉🏻Ulthera 300 shots
👉🏻Thermage FLX 300 shots
👉🏻Morpheus8 for face and submental
👉🏻Enerjet lift for face and neck
👉🏻CoolSculpting 4 cycles or Emscuplt 4 times
🔥🔥Can’t share with friends
🔥🔥Can be kept for 1 year

‼️‼️ 19,999฿ Can choose one from below:
👉🏻EMatrix or enerjet (deep acne scar) 300 shots with free subcision and B Mask
👉🏻Dual Yellow Laser for skin lightening for 9 times
👉🏻ST REFIRME (skin lifting on face) 9 times
👉🏻Body FX ( body tightening) 9 times
👉🏻Permanent hair reduction with MediostarNext on whole legs for 5 times
👉🏻Botox (Allergan ) 100 units to reduce wrinkles
🔥🔥Can’t share with friends
🔥🔥Can be stored for 1 year

‼️‼️ 9999 ฿ Can choose from the treatments below:
👉🏻Vbeam reduces redness and acne whole face fro 5 times.
👉🏻Qs Nd yag Toning (skin lightening) 5 times
👉🏻Underarm lightening for 5 times
👉🏻AC Acne Blue light reduces acne for 5 times
👉🏻IPL (skin lightening) 5 times
👉🏻tripolarRF ( for a sleeker face) 5 times
👉🏻Whole arm hair removal with mediostar next for 5 times
👉🏻Tighten pores with Matrix IR for 5 times
🔥🔥Can’t share with friends
🔥🔥Can be stored for 1 year

❤️Cannot be combined with membership.
❤️We reserve the right to change without prior notice.

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Tel: 088-041-0888
Line : @proderma
web : www.prodermaclinics.com
Email: prodermaesthetic@gmail.com

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