Radiesse Review: Lifting, Firming, and Revealing Youthful Skin in 1 Month!

**Before the year 2024 arrived**, I did a thorough research on facial rejuvenation and lifting methods. I finally narrowed it down to two options: Thermage and Radiesse.

**However, Radiesse seemed to be a better fit for my skin concerns.** It is a new generation of collagen-stimulating injection that not only stimulates collagen, but also elastin, skin hydration, and blood vessel formation, resulting in healthier skin. It is like a skin structure rejuvenation injection that also provides instant volume to the skin.

**Benefits of Radiesse:**

1. Reduces wrinkles and lifts the face, eliminating nasolabial folds.
2. Firms, tightens, and plumps the skin.
3. Allows for normal daily activities after the procedure.

**Immediately after the procedure:**

* The face appeared fuller and plumper.
* There was slight swelling in some areas.
* The swelling was minimal compared to other injection procedures.

**Day 1:**

* Woke up, washed my face, and took a picture.
* There was still some swelling, but it felt like I had new skin. The skin was soft and plump.
* The skin looked younger and tighter, and the nasolabial folds disappeared (which could be due to the gel in the injection).

**Day 7:**

* The skin was refined, radiant, and firm.
* The swelling was gone.
* I felt very happy.

**1 Month:**

* I love my face now.
* The skin and facial contours have improved significantly.
* The skin is firm, tight, and plump.
* It feels like I’m a young girl again.


Radiesse is an excellent option for those who want to rejuvenate their skin, lift it, and reduce wrinkles. It is suitable for people aged 30 and above. The results last for 1-2 years.


* Individual results may vary.
* Consultation with a doctor is recommended before making a decision.

**Additional Information:**

* This review is based on personal experience and results may vary.
* It is important to research and consult a doctor before making a decision.