Impressive result. Just got a very unique treatment done at Proderma Aesthetic Clinic for my whole face and neck. It is MORPHEUS 8. The latest fractional microneedle RF technology, a US FDA approved laser which emits the deepest RF waves resulting to a more tightened and contoured skin on face and body.

It is often heard that fractional microneedle RF technology before as a treatment for deep acne scar. But when I first heard about this new technology, it caught my attention. I am very curious because I have been doing treatments like laser and filler to look myself younger. This new technology has just newly brought to Thailand, it was just in the end of last year, 2019. Then I decided to visit the clinic.

Upon consultation, the doctor told me that the difference between this and others is that this is the only current technology available today that stimulates and rearrange collagen at the level of 4mm depth down to the skin specifically at the fat layer in which this technology has a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD) and also SMAS layer (the same layer where the plastic surgeon pulls during surgical lifting). The result is not just for deep acne scar but it can also reduce wrinkles and make the face look fuller and tightened. Not like other laser treatment which causes the face to look drop or sunken specially at the lower cheeks area where many people has this kind of  problem including myself and it can only be resolve by adding fat or Filler.

This new technology addresses my concern especially on my nasolabial folds and lines around my neck. Then without hesitation, I did try the treatment.

Procedure of treatment:

  1. The doctor asked if the person is taking any supplements or a blood thinner medications before at least within 7 days.
  2. If herpes is present, inform the staffs or the doctor. Herpes around the mouth area can be stimulated and may come back.
  3. Avoid exposure to sunlight at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks post treatment.
  4. After the doctor have explained about the treatment and informed all the side effects, once the patient is ready and agreed to do the treatment, staff will apply topical anesthesia. Topical anesthesia will take its effect within 45 minutes.
  5. During the treatment, the sensation is similar to other fractional lasers. The difference is that this is less painful and totally manageable. I think the sensation is way better than Ulthera. It takes only less than an hour to complete all the procedure.
  6. Minimal redness and a slight burning sensation after the treatment.
  7. Refrain the treated area to have it contact with water 24 hours from the treatment time. Apply antibiotic ointment for 3 days prescribed by the doctor. Avoid sunlight and apply good quality sunscreen with higher SPF.
  8. The doctor said that for dramatic result, I should wait for 3 months but for me I have already seen the result as early as 1 month.