What is Iontophoresis ?

Iontophoresis (referred to also as Ionto) is a facial treatment modality which utilizes a mild electrical stimulus to induce the penetration of medications like vitamins into the deeper layers of the skinwhere they can produce more profound effect. Normally, medications applied stay in the superficial skin layer. With the Ionto treatment Vitamins A, C ,E or transamine may be used depending on the doctor’s decision.

Benefits of Iontophoresis:

  • Improvement of scars from pimples or chicken pox
  • Hyperpigmented spots after Laser Treatment
  •  Freckles or age spots
  • Brighter and more radiant look


Iontophoresis  Treatment Procedure

  •   Evaluation by the dermatologist to determine the most suitable treatment.
  •    Through facial cleansing.
  •    Application of the skin preparation usually in gel form (vitamin) at the area for Ionto treatment. The procedure usually takes 20 – 30 minutes per treatment.
  •   Wash face afterward to remove excess gel.
For best results, recommended treatment is 1-2 times week initially and less frequently once positive results are noted.
Price starts from 300 – 500 Baht

* Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice.