ProDerma Clinic has Thermage CPT Treatment for Tightening, Lifting and Restore youthfulness.

We have been to many different places and travelled a lot around the world. In the places where we are exposed to sunlight and cold weather as well during winter season. This made our skin becomes dull, saggy, dry skin, with visible lines, wrinkles and sometimes skin burning sensation.  Women and men like us must take care of our skin, especially during middle adulthood stage.

Until we have decided to take a chance to talk with a qualified Dermatologist’s who is expert on skin care. Dermatologist in ProDerma Clinic offers variety of services such as Laser, facial lifting and facial skin rejuvenation and the kind of treatment to use depends on what the individual needs. They have also Thermage CPT that  creates and stimulates a new collagen. The newest version of Thermage which is Themage FLX is also available that I would like to try next time.

thermage CPT

Thermage CPT stimulates collagen using a monopolar radiofrequency energy. It helps restores your skin to a youthful look in a natural way. It has a certificate of Authenticity from USA and approved by (FDA) Food and Drug Administration to help lift the skin.

Treatment Procedure:

– Cleansing

– 30 minutes for topical numbing cream

– Mark the area

thermage CPT proderma

– Thermage treatment takes about 20-30 minutes.

The machine has a control power head to adjust for the comfortability of each person. This will heat the collagen underneath the skin while cooling the epidermis area that causes the immediate skin tightening.

– Cooling mask for about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the procedure.

After the treatment:

-skin becomes soft and tighten.

– may have a slight redness that will disappear for 1-2 hours

– Avoid sunlight for about 1 week and apply sunscreen daily (SPF 30 or above)


We like the result very much as it feels that wrinkles began to disappear and a softer face so I do not need to add powder during the day.


We will give you an update after 1 month.

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