Vbeam The Gold Standard of Pulsed dye Laser

Vbeam®can do it all: from rejuvenation by correcting red and brown skin discoloration, to eliminating virtually all vascular and pigmented lesions. The Perfecta features advanced micro-pulse technology, multiple handpieces for treating various spot sizes, and our patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) cooling system, which all but eliminates patient downtime by preventing purpura, or bruising.

A Dynamic Cooling Device so original, it’s patented

Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) provides consistent, reproducible epidermal cooling and unparalleled comfort for your patients.

DCD™ prepares skin for treatment by selectively spraying the upper layers with a cooling burst of cryogen in adjustable spray/delay durations, milliseconds before and after the laser pulse. DCD’s unique design provides excellent visibility throughout the entire process.

The most powerful benefit to your Speed and Patient Safety

DCD™ is operator technique independent-it will provide the same epidermal protection no matter how fast the laser is fired. The more patients you see and treat optimally, the more profitable for you practice.


• Rejuvenation; Reds & Browns

Vbeam  can do it all; from treating challenging vascular lesions like PWS, Telangiectasia and diffuse redness to eliminating epidermal pigmented lesions like age spots, to treating periorbital wrinkles – and do it all Purpura Free!

• Vascular Lesions
Superior results treating the broadest range of the most challenging vascular lesions such as: Leg Veins, Acne, Port Wine Stains, Angioma and Hemangioma.

• Purpura Free Results
Our unique micro-pulse technology provides gentle vessel heating, allowing effective and consistent results for your patients without any downtime.

• Total System
Total Support Perfecta PDL includes the largest selection of spot sizes in the industry. Includes everything you need to get started from self–calibrating SMART™ distance gauges, to the only integrated cooling system in the industry DCD™. Practice marketing support and free Website builder also included.

• Ultimate Ease of Use
Our 10” color user interface screen provides pre-set treatment guidelines with a touch to provide safe starting points for patient treatment. Perfecta selects fluence, pulse width and DCD™ cooling parameters based on the indication and spot size you choose.